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But you can just call me Sarah.

  • Person: you're loud
  • Anxiety: you're annoying, a worthless piece of shit to the human race.
  • Person: you're quiet
  • Anxiety: speak the fuck up you shy ass little whore.
  • Person: you failed the math test? Bummer.
  • Anxiety: you dumbass,you'll never get anywhere in life. Kill yourself.


sexuality is so dumb why does it even matter who you like no one is gonna like you back anyways

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“A little overkill, perhaps, but you’ve made your point.”

Jason with the-coolest-weapon-ever-before-he-broke-it. Today’s Blood of Olympus Countdown character, who I believe was my age in this scene. WOW PERSPECTIVE!

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Dont forget about the ROOSTERTEETH Extra Life Live Stream this October 25th!

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Few more days till the live stream! I swear to christ i wanna see Gavin/Michael eat something stupid =)))

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has anyone found a rare occurrence yet?

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*Whispers* I want an RVB parks and rec AU


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okay but do you know who else i’m emotional about when it comes to lazer team? matt hullum. he’s been a filmaker since he was a college student and he always dreamed about making a movie and now he’s making one with the support of a community he created i think i need a moment here

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